Friday, 28 June 2013

[Review] Bloop de Paris Foundation

Hi cutiepies! So today Im gonna talk about my opinion on Bloop de Paris foundation review. (alahai, macam nak buat interview lah pulaks)

A light-weight liquid foundation that gives you a moderate cover for a flawless matte finish, that helps  smooth away wrinkles and repairs age-related skin damage. Vitamin E moisturises the skin and UV filters help protect the skin from the harsh environment.

Friday, 21 June 2013


Hello cutiepies! Welcome to our blog. This blog is mainly focused on beauty reviews, DIY, some "rainbow" thoughts and others. There are two admins that will be responsible for this blog, which is me, Admin Bunny and my other buddy, Admin Panda. Please support us, Saranghejuseyo ^_^

Oh by the way, we will be using MANG-LISH language anyways :p please bear with us :)
Maka, secara rasminya, blog ini telah lahir pada hari ini, bertarikh...*drumroll* 21/6/2013 *potong tali perasmian hihihi*