Monday, 11 August 2014

DIY Bunny Silhouette Tote Bag

Haula, haula lovelies. I'm back with another DIY idea ^^ First when I discovered the existence of tote bag, i think I want to make a DIY of it. After hiking mount of everest,  rolling in the mud, walking thousands of miles, I FINALLY FOUND A PLAIN TOTE BAG. If you want, you can buy it from me..but Malaysia area only, bcs I don't know how to ship worldwide yeah so lame  Just email me at if you are interested!

You will be needing, fabric paint, sharpies, pencil, some ideas, and other painting supplies (brushes n etc)

 1. Draw out the bunny shape using the pencil. Do not press the pencil too hard, it will not be pretty
2. Paint using the fabric paint. DO NOT ADD WATER INTO YOUR PAINT. NO BCOS MOMMY SAID NO. the fabric paint will be runny later on, so no. it will look ugly.

Now let it dry, see..EASY RIGHT? :)

  I also made a handmade pencilcase, I brought a plain pencil case and designed it myself. I'm using arcylic paint. U might think what on the earth am I drawing. Well, this is art lol I love doodling & Wu Yifan so yeah i mixed the two obsession into my pencil case design hehe, and there you go, a Wu Yifan inspired pencil case.

Its a two sided pencil case

It can fit a calculator and my other school stuffs

Ok here's the final look of the bunny tote bag
Here's the front look, I made it become two sided tote bag..
The other side..Inspired by CROOKED from GDRAGON ;)

 Here's another tote bag I made before.. In case if you don't know, GIYONGCHY is again inspired by GDRAGON. Yes I'm a big fan.
My precious GD X TOP OTP *0*

Again, if you are intrested with the plain tote bag and plain pencil case, I'm selling me on but Malaysia area only :) That's all for now lovelies, I need to get ready for Iftar. Annyeong, till another time..

Feeeling hungry,
Admin Bunny

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  1. so cute.. i hope i can have one... i'm really jealous with right know.. :(