Sunday, 22 December 2013

December Outfits

This post is dedicated to all hoodies lover out there xD grr such a lame intro haha. Its winter right? Oh how i wish i live in a 4 season country :( I want to play with snow so badly~ I wonder how the snow tastes and smells like So, during the early month of december I brought some hoodies.

I've been dying to have this shirt bcos my bias, t.o.p wears that during their ALIVE concert. Since then I realized, BOY LONDON is very famous nowadays. Sometimes I found my friend hanging out wearing these and I was like "oh thanked god i didnt wear that shirt today."well u know, girls dont like other girls who wears the same clothes as them ;p inserts a hashtag "thetruthaboutgirls"

Friday, 6 December 2013

[Review] Bedak Sejuk Tanaka

Hey guys! Phew its been a long time since I posted something on this blog. Sorry~ I was busy these days. Oh well i guess the word BUSY is a MUST in students life dictionary. Okay lets start!!

Im sure u have heard about this product. Our beautiful malaysian actress, Nora Danish was the first one who introduced it :)

See, isnt she beautiful? GO NOW GO BUY BEDAK TANAKA IF U WANT TO BE AS BEAUTIFUL AS HER heh just kidding :p

Actually I dont buy this product bcos my sister brought it for me.. There are few types of Bedak Tanaka but I have the green one which is made up from lime : special for acne and oily skin..

This is what im talkin about~