Sunday, 22 December 2013

December Outfits

This post is dedicated to all hoodies lover out there xD grr such a lame intro haha. Its winter right? Oh how i wish i live in a 4 season country :( I want to play with snow so badly~ I wonder how the snow tastes and smells like So, during the early month of december I brought some hoodies.

I've been dying to have this shirt bcos my bias, t.o.p wears that during their ALIVE concert. Since then I realized, BOY LONDON is very famous nowadays. Sometimes I found my friend hanging out wearing these and I was like "oh thanked god i didnt wear that shirt today."well u know, girls dont like other girls who wears the same clothes as them ;p inserts a hashtag "thetruthaboutgirls"

Yupe, this is one is the same design as the upper one. At first i was going to buy this one..but then the shop suddenly uploads a new arrival but during that time i already ordered this one and the order cannot be cancelled so i ended up buying these two hmm -.-

Gee, this is my fav! But too bad, i thought it will fit for me since it states there "FREE SIZE" but i am so dumb to know that it was a free size in korean but not in malaysia! i mean, most korean have petite body while me...*sighs* This hoodie fits me actually, but its just that it was too short since i am a tall human :(

see how nice it is so gurlz u better not complaining abt ur height!!!! 

Monsters <3 uh i just realized the bottom one has a nose like a piggy xD

Bunny sweater <3 I really have a hard time choosing whether i want to have a the deer or the bunny one..but my love to bunny is so undeniable so i choose bunny instead of the deer. I was a hard decision tho :( seriously gurlz, choosing clothes is one of the toughest decision EVER riteee

Okay there's me chilling with my fav sweater and my monster university sleeping pants.hehehe it was raining heavily this morning at malaysia :D and oh what a perfect time to have a nap during the cold afternoon hmm~

What is the most awesome part is each sweater that I brought is less than RM35 oh dude where can u find such an affordable price to buy hoodies and sweater?!!! Well u can find it HERE. happy shopping guys <3

Going to sleep now,
 Admin Bunny

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