Sunday, 19 January 2014

DIY Oatmeal Mask

Hello cupcakes~ I am truly sorry for not updating for a while bcos I got so much homework to do. The teachers are so mean for making me drown in the sea of homeworks T-T Im also busy sewing plushies.. and not forgetting to mention my tight schedule of tuition..Im only free on Saturday ugh *inserts a dying whale sounds here* Okay enuf with the babbling lets get to work people!

BMO plush & Princess Bubblegum plushie~

Many asked how to have a healthy skin without buying too many expensive products..well making an oatmeal mask for your face is one of the way to achieve a flawless healthy looking skin. See, how a simple things in your kitchen could benefit you? ^^ So today I would like to teach you how to make an oatmeal mask, jjang!! :p
Okay gurlz, what are you going to need is..
  • Blended oatmeal(bcos the smaller the size of the solid, the easier the rate of reaction on your face XD)
  • A lil bit of water
  • Honey (which is optional)
  • Some love
a blended oatmeal which is enough for 2 week supply~

And what will you do next is mix all the ingredients together until the consistency it to too saturated and not to watery~ then, apply it on your face using a foundation brush or just by using your hands. After 10 minutes, you can wash it off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry. Finally, apply your moisturizer as usual~ ^^

See, easy right? Oat is not only good for your tummy but also good for your face. Never thought that you can apply food on your face heh? Just pls dont apply spaghetti or maggi curry on ur face.

Not only that u can also use it as your scrub for you body and face. Just mix the oat with some water and rub it on your skin. 

The result? I PROMISE U you could feel you're skin getting brighter and healthier if you do this twice or thrice a week! After using this mask, I realized that my skin is getting better and of course smoother but not as smooth as a newborn baby butt lol.  Some of my friends also asked me what did I do with my face when they noticed my acne is fading away hehehe

Oh one more, you can use this as you daily cleanser bcos it is organic and it will bring no harm to your skin. So no need to worry la okay? psst, I also heard that oatmeal is good for all types of skin yup including people who have enzyma :)

Thats all for now. I have work to do~ Ppyong~

Stay Beautiful, 
Admin Bunny


  1. I've read a lot about this but never give it a try, thanks for this entry i feel like i need to try this soon ^^

    1. Yeah you should~ In sha Allah it will works on you, good luck! ;)