Monday, 17 February 2014

[Food Review] 2 Ingredients Chocolate Cake

Hello all my sexy people living in the earth~ So, I baked this cake today..A looong time ago, I found this recipe on youtube and i would love to give it a try. I mean yeah gurl, 2 ingredients only~ This chocolate cake recipe is so simple + easy + delicious(hah 3 combination where can u find!! buy 1 free 2~)

So the secret ingredients are!!!!!!!!!!!!~~

Monday, 10 February 2014

[Movie Review] Commitment

Ayyo cutiepies, so today Im gonna review this movie. I've watched it last saturday and I finally have the time to write in this blog. Hu~ Mommy is so sorry bloggie for abandoning yu~



Commitment (Hangul동창생RR: Dong-chang-saeng; lit. "Alumni" or "The Graduate") is a 2013 South Korean spy thriller film starring Choi Seunghyun (also known as T.O.P from the K-popboyband Big Bang). He plays the teenage son of an ex-North Korean agent who is tasked to kill a North Korean assassin in South Korea in order to save his younger sister.
The film is about third generation Koreans since the division of the peninsula and the Korean War, historical events that the teenage characters did not directly experience that nevertheless change their lives and destinies.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

[Food Review] Ramen

Yuuhuu~ Im back who misses me?!! Better u mengaku cepat lol. Okay this is my first time making a review about food. YES FOOD BECAUSE NOBODY HATES FOOD. Now im sure you guys have heard this creature named RAMEN bcos most of kdramas are featuring that food heheh. Whats ramen? Ramen is an instant noodle or can be simplified as same species as MAGGI ^^

This is the ramen that my sis brought for me~