Tuesday, 4 February 2014

[Food Review] Ramen

Yuuhuu~ Im back who misses me?!! Better u mengaku cepat lol. Okay this is my first time making a review about food. YES FOOD BECAUSE NOBODY HATES FOOD. Now im sure you guys have heard this creature named RAMEN bcos most of kdramas are featuring that food heheh. Whats ramen? Ramen is an instant noodle or can be simplified as same species as MAGGI ^^

This is the ramen that my sis brought for me~

The content~

Actually the noodle has a circle shape..since its too big so im not gonna take it out :p

The way of cooking is the same as how you cook other instant noodles.

Jjang~~~~ 4 minutes is all you need!

This is my third time eating ramen. So far I havent found the ramen that suits with my tastebuds :( 

Its noodles is too big and the taste is too spicy. I hate big noodles its like im eating a worms. There's this one time i ate Udon,(another korean noodle) it really looks like im going to swallow that soil worms lol. Its just Im sorry Im not that type who eat big noodles. I prefer the smaller one. Tastier and of course easy to digest! It tastes like a plain noodles for me :( Honestly saying I prefer Maggi Tom Yam more than this la. But I like how the package said that it is..
  •  Low fat
  • No cholesterol
  • No MSG
  • No preservation

For those humans who havent tried how ramen tastes like, go give it a try, maybe it suits you! :) Okay thats is for now. I have to go to school. I have school tomorrow and im so EXCITED. YEAH.

Much Love,
Admin Bunny


  1. ramen! sedapnye..beli kat mne nie?

  2. Dekat convinience store. Kalau lucky and rajin cari, memang ada kat situ ;)