Saturday, 25 January 2014

[Review] Bye Dark Circle Hydro Gel Eye Masks

Yo cupcakes! How have you been? Im doing fine these days..well except for the school life part   Being a student life is basically being a panda. Why? You will always sleep late eventho there is no homework ala u know when u're stuck with the internet   Me, as a student also included. My dark circle have always be there forever, no matter how early i sleep during at night. Well I guess that is one of the reason why my crush runaway from me mkay bye Okay back to business gurlz.

Front view

Back view

"Marine Plasma Protein effectively cure dark circle, whitening eye skin area, enhance skin elasticity and anti wrinkle. Using latest Hydro Gel technology helps to penetrate essence deep into skin, effectively hydrate and enhance eye skin are circulation. Special gel plasma texture perfectly cover area without any messy, which are totally different from traditional eye mask"

Sunday, 19 January 2014

DIY Oatmeal Mask

Hello cupcakes~ I am truly sorry for not updating for a while bcos I got so much homework to do. The teachers are so mean for making me drown in the sea of homeworks T-T Im also busy sewing plushies.. and not forgetting to mention my tight schedule of tuition..Im only free on Saturday ugh *inserts a dying whale sounds here* Okay enuf with the babbling lets get to work people!

BMO plush & Princess Bubblegum plushie~

Many asked how to have a healthy skin without buying too many expensive products..well making an oatmeal mask for your face is one of the way to achieve a flawless healthy looking skin. See, how a simple things in your kitchen could benefit you? ^^ So today I would like to teach you how to make an oatmeal mask, jjang!! :p