Saturday, 27 July 2013


Annyeong, Admin Bunny in da hauuzzeee~~!! *why so cheesy -.-* Gosh, Im so excited to share with you guys this DIY segment! Okay *calm yo tits bro*   Since G-dragon is a icon fashion these day, many people wore his brand : GIYONGCHY

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I want to do GIYONGCHY shirt, but I only have a tank top at my house yea -.- However, you can find it at Uniqlo or other fashion shop nearby~ So basically I'm intrested in doing this DIY by watching this video...

Thanks for the brilliant idea Anne! 

Here, Im using Fabric paint. Last time Admin Panda is using Arcylic paint. Go check out her DIY shirt!

The template..
You can find Fabric paint/fabric dye on your nearby bookstore! :)

Cut out the template on your sticker paper (just like what the video said)

It might look ugly but yeah, patience is needed!! ^^

And the result is?

I wore it if my zebra cardigan :)

Watch me styling my GIYONGCHY tanktop

That's it for today..annyeong yeorobun. Good Luck cupcakes! ^-^

Admin Bunny

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