Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sewing Plushies

Lately, I've spent 35% of my life to sew some plushies. When I really think about it..Hey we are girls, why don't we learn about sewing? It might be useful for our future *:p* I mean to sew our trousers, clothes or maybe sewing buttons on your clothes? And who knows in future you might want to make your own toys for your own children? Lol xD So here Im sharing a lil bit about common questions about sewing..

What type of fabric are you using?
I use felt, the arcylic one. Felt basically has two types, arcylic(soft) and polyster(hard). I chose arcylic bcos it's easier for me to work with. You can also use fleece. However, felt is highly recommended for beginners like me. In case if you dont know what fleece and felt is..this is how they look like.


Hairy sheep Fleece

Where did you buy the material?
I brought the felts HERE. Actually, there are some tailor shop who sells felt but I promised myself for not going to that shop again bcos the workers there are very rude. So I decided just to buy stuff online. But, the delivery cost was very expensive since I live in Sarawak. It cost RM10 for delivering my stuff here. Thats why if I brought something, I would buy it in a bigger quantities.

What kind of stitches are you using?
Out of all stitches that exist in this world, I chose backstiches. Why? Because its easy, like what my mom told me... "even blind people know how to stich this!" lol yes mummy. There's a thounsand of sticthes in this world so you can chose either one. The common one was blanket stiches. I try really hard to do blanket stiches but it only gave me dissapointment so shuh-shuh away blanket stiches :p You can go check on youtube how to do blanket stiches. Oh one more, don't worry if your first plush would be ugly. It will get better soon. Remember, practice makes purrfect! 

My first plush ever ^^

Who inspires you?
Go check out their channel!

Plushies I've made so far was...

This one I made it for my 16-year-old chingu :)

FYI, Im taking request for plushies right now since my friends asking me to sew one for them. Gomawosemida my loovely customers! That's all for now my fluffies, buhbye ^-^ I promise I'll be doing another post this week. So, stay tuned people!

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