Thursday, 29 August 2013

DIY Moustache Ring

Yooooo cuppycakes~ I'm back with another DIY tutorial. This is my collab with Admin Panda. hehe. This tutorial is very easy to make. I promise :) So what are you going to need is

  • Scissors
  • Felt of your favourite colour
  • Ring base
  • UHU Glue (you can use other glue if you want to, such as elephant glue lol)

 1. First, cut out mustache shape out of felt. You can find the template at Google ..berlambak ok :)

2. Apply some glue on one of the mustache side, then paste both of the identical mustache together.

3. Again, apply some glue on the base of the ring (not too much babe)

5. 4 steps and you are done! :)

I also made one for me, the dinosaur one hehe. The mustache ring was for Admin Panda,(see how much I love yu please love me back, Admin Panda lol) 

Nah, I present to you my official template of dinosaur ring!!!~~ I love dinosaur, well since I know T.O.P from Bigbang my beloved husband  was called as Dinosaur when he was young ngehehe :p
Till then, good luck cupcakes.

I want to drink Green Tea,
Admin Bunny

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