Thursday, 8 August 2013

[Review] SILKYGIRL Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Hey cupcakes! Look how much I love you, I do two updates in a row! *who caresss sobs* hmmm so now I'm gonna review about this product!

This eyeliner is really perfect for beginners like me to try to berjinaks-jinaks with eyeliner, bcos it provides an eyeliner + eyeliner remover, How was that? 2 IN 1!

I just wore it this evening, so that my eyes looks biiiiiigger

I would love to give this product 9/10!!! Yayyy, since it is easy to use. I really like cat-eyed eyeliner tho, that's why I brought this. Morever, its cheap. I brought it at Guardian and it costs RM14.80!!~~

Okay, that's it cupcakes..enjoy ur raya. Annyeong~~~

Feelling hungry,
Admin Bunny

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