Saturday, 31 August 2013

After Exam DIY projects~

Hi guyz, so exam is over heh? lol, basi sudah -.-' these few weeks I've been making a few DIY projects. This is a random post and a short update anyways~

I made this for my niece since she is being nice with me, borrowing her laptop for me to use. I'm using the same method as my tutorial on DIY GIYONGCHY tanktop hehe

This one I made for my friend, Keroppi plush from Sanrio character. I make his eyes bigger, so that it looks cuter.

A dinosour plush, isn't cuuute?

Gummybear ring!!! I will upload the tutorial tommorow, so stay tuned arasso?

I also made these for one of my custormers. The pink one is the front, and the cream one is the back view. 

After my 16 years of existance, I finally upload my first ever video at Youtube today! lol yeaaaay~~ I record it with my phone camera, so pls dont expect it to be clear haha. Enjoy watching~~~!

Feelling anticipated for MTV WORLD STAGE,
Admin Bunny

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