Sunday, 1 September 2013

DIY Gummy Bears Ring

Gummybear, who likes gummybear? Raise your hand? Me too!!! *brofist* This DIY is a collaboration with Admin Panda and Admin Bunny(me) Anyway, this DIY are inspired by our queen CL from 2NE1 and our king of fashion, G Dragon from BIGBANG.

So lets get started!

Stuff that you are going to need is..
  • UHU glue
  • Gummybears!!
  • Clear nail polish, Im using SKIN FOOD
  • Ring base (adjustable)

  1. Paint the gummybear with clear nail polish..wait until one coat is FULLY dry, and then you may add another coat of it. I put 3 coats of clear nail polish on the front. ^^
  2. Repeat the same step for the backside :)

3.Add some glue on the base of the ring.

4.And bammm paste it! lol

5. 4 steps and you are DONE! :D

Double combo heh? You can make as many as you want.. I would love to have thousand of gummybear on my ring but yeahh its limited -.-

My naughty niece as the role model. She loves the ring!! P/S : DO NOT EAT THE RING. Jugulle???(you want to die mehh?) It was because the gummybear already have been coated with nail polish, so no eat or lick-lick the gummybear puhlease lol :p

See? Isn't it easy? You can check my another DIY on ring > DIY Mustache & Dinosaur Ring. Okay cupcakes, that it for now. I have school tommorow, so sleep early la~

Me wanna sleep,
Admin Bunny

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