Friday, 6 September 2013

How To Make Watermelon Plush

Yo cuties, im gonna do a tutorial on how to make a cute watermelon plush. Watermelon? Sounds delicious to me!

Stuff that you will going to need is...
~ Felt in black, pink, red and green
~ UHU Glue
~ Scissors
~ Needle
~ Thread in red and green colour

The watermelon template..

 1. Cut out 2 pieces of green felt and one piece of red felt.

2. Work on the features. Add a smiley on its face using backstitch.. For the eyes and cheeks, I'm using felt only~

3.Stitch on the lower part, as shown in da picture..

5.Sew the three pieces together. When you sew red felt, use red thread and when you sew green felt, use green thread ok?

6. Don't forgot to sew ribbon in between and stuff as you go!!


Easy-peazy right? Good luck on trying okay?

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