Wednesday, 11 September 2013

3 Recommended Kitchen Stuff That Helps You With Acne & Blackheads

Having acne and blackheads is not LEGIT at all. Here, on this post I'm telling you a secret : 3 things from your kitchen that helps you with acne and blackheads.. Why? You just don't go to kitchen to find something to eat ok :p

Not only delicious for breakfast, but also for your acnes cupcakes. A beauty guru, Bubzbeauty recommended this for acne. Not only that, I also heard that it can cure enzyma!


For more information, You may watch this video..

Farah Dhukai highly recommended for blackheads. There's this one person commented that her son has a lot of acne on his face. 2 days later after using this mask, her son managed to say bye-bye with his acne. Amazing eh? It also good for acne tho~

Watch this video for more information!~

Not only for baking cookies, but also baking you blackheads, lol  well that's a horrible intro xD I'm not gonna talk a lot about this because I already have tutorial on this.. Do check this out

My conclusion?
I tried all of this remedies, and yup it worked! I'm such a lazy ass to go to Guardian or Watson to buy something to cure my pimple, so I just try this remedy out! I figured out, after rinsing these masks, my skin feels softer and cuter!  and little by little my acne stop showing itself ;) yay!!!!!

Thats it for now cupcakes,
Admin Bunny


  1. Ya backing soda memang ampuh untuk kulit berminyak..

  2. Yeah, but it was actually not really good for sensitive skin :)